Culture Corner

It’s Never Too Late…. To Learn a Language


If you’re reading this, it has surely crossed your mind that learning a language is something you want to do.  Maybe it’s because your significant other is from another country.  Maybe you do business with other countries.  Maybe you like to travel.  Or maybe, it’s just something you’ve always wished you could do.  So why haven’t you gotten around to it?  Perhaps one of the reasons below (and our rebuttal) will sound familiar.

1. “I’ll Never Be Fluent” – Fluency is a state of mind.  There is an ocean between not being able to communicate at all and being able to debate the meaning of life in a foreign language.  Within that ocean there are so many conversations to be had even if it doesn’t all come out perfectly.  It is really, and we mean really, exciting to talk about the weather with someone who was totally out of reach before you learned their language.

2. “I Am Really Bad at Languages” Learn why that might not be true...